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Passport Office in Bangalore

March 12, 2013 | Posted in Airlines
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The Passport Office in Bangalore can be contacted from Monday to Friday. It remains closed on all public holidays. Passport Office in Bangalore is located in Koranangala, 80 feet road. It covers all the districts of the Karnataka state. It acts as a government body that keeps cap on all the passports it issues and all the services it offers. Regional Passport Office at Koramangala in Bangalore deals with passport matters in India.

Passport Office Bangalore Contact Number and Address

Address: Regional Passport Office, Bangalore Regional Passport Office,
8th Block 80 Feet Road, Koramangala, Bangalore -560095
Contact Number: 080 – 25706100, 25706101, 25706102

The Passport Office in Bangalore has been offering its services to the citizens since 1978. Since last 33 years, the Passport Office in Bangalore is dealing with every way possible to meet the demands of all the people in a better way. In order to provide convenience to all the people in Karnataka, the Regional Passport Office Bangalore has also started offering services online.

Bangalore Passport Office Timings

  • The Office is open from Monday to Friday.
  • Applications can be submitted directly at office counters from 9.30 AM to 12.00 Noon.
  • Appointments to meet officers will be given from 9.30 AM to 12.00 Noon at the enquiry counter.
  • Passport Adaalat on every Wednesday between 1430 Hrs. and 1600 Hrs. by the Regional Passport Officer.

With its online presence, the Bangalore Passport Office has been able to reach out to the general public more conveniently and can now provide all the necessary information that a person may need before applying for the passport. As we have mentioned earlier, it is located in Koramangala, Bangalore. It covers all the districts of Karnataka state. For more information, you can use above mentioned Passport Office Bangalore contact details.

Comments (11)

  1. mujahid pasha

    Since I applied the passport in the month of jan 2015. Police verification is comleted in the month of jan 2015. But verification of berth certificate to muncipal office not completed.becouse they loose the letter of passport office . Then what should I do will u please help me on that..
    File no: BN1068253480315
    Name. Mujahid pasha

  2. K.Sheeba Priyadarshini

    I have applied passport in the month of Nov and police verification is completed in the month only…and still I have not get passport…..everything is clear…but its too late. My passport status is ” Police Report is in passport office for verification from past 1 month still i didnt get the passport.It is almost 45 days over.
    and my file no. is BN2068960355915

  3. Chandrashekar

    Since I applies passport in the month of August and police verification is completed in the month of August only…and still I have not get passport…..everything is clear…but its too late. My passport status is ” Police Report has been submitted by SP Office, District Chikkamagaluru and action for passport printing is initiated, to be followed by lamination, signing, quality check and dispatch. ”
    and ma file no. is BN2068731105715


    I was having case before of copy right
    The case closed on 2012
    The problem they mentioned my name ameed Mustafa this is wrong spelling even I don’t have any proof of ameed Mustafa but i was given them the correct proof of my name ahmed mustafa m

    my original name is Ahmed Mustafa.m
    Even they mentioned wrong name in chars sheet also
    But the main problem is in passport office there were not accepting the wrong spelling of judgment copy even I have done name change in annexure e document and pepper add of old name is ameed Mustafa and new one is Ahmed Mustafa m but even though they not acceptting in passport seva counter apo i requested them please do it mam the case alredy closed in 2012 they telling i no need to go to jail because your spelling mistake they told come here after correction of your judgement copy but no one has to be correction my judgement copy
    in court they were telling u may given proof of ameed mustafa so we have typed it but now no way to change the name u have to compromise with passport officer they not doing also in station no one giving any suggestion in passport office there were telling we don’t no you just correct it and come
    am suffering from this problem from 2012 I need passport purpose only for to make hajj that’s it please sir/man what shall I do now please suggest me i was visited yesterday 26/08/2015 o my passport on hold file number is 1068773623115

  5. mudassar

    since I applies passport in the month of february and police verification is completed in the month of march…and still I have not get passport…..everything is clear…but too late…..
    and ma file no. is

  6. pavithran

    My passport is expired need to renew it as it got expired on the month of april 15


    My Passport is going to expire on 26.08.2015.

    Please advise me what is the procedure for Passport renewal and documents required, details are given below :.


    PASSPORT NO. : F4513130

    DATE OF ISSUE : 27.08.2005

    DATE OF EXPIRY : 26.08.2015

    Please reply the same to my e-mail ID : torino@bsdblr.com



  8. santosh shankar giratkar

    My passport have returned to passport office due to close my door as i am govt. Emplyee and went on govt.duty .could u resend my passport on the same address.

  9. asma


    I am not able to upload the file, kindly help to apply the passport.

  10. seetha soundararajan

    In my Passport the Birth place is mentioned as Chennai (Karnataka) were as it should have been (Tamil Nadu).
    What is the procedure to rectify?

    Seetha Soundhar

  11. Joe

    Dear sir,
    My question is if a person had a passport as a minor, and has expired since 15 years wants to take a new passport as a adult . what is the procedure , the old pass is misplaced.
    your reply will be highly appreciated.

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