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Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu

July 16, 2013 | Posted in Spiritual Gurus
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Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu Ashram is an organization of ashrams dedicated to Asaram Bapu, one of India’s leading and most revered spiritual gurus. His sacred ashrams are known to provide spiritual, moral and educational upliftment. Aside from this, the organization is also involved in offering financial-aid to the poor and weaker section of the society. Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu Ashram and other various ashrams of the same name also host periodic satsangs and recitals from Asaram Bapu. If you want to know more about the organization, find with us Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu Ashram Contact Details. We provide you with complete Contact Address and pertinent Contact Number.

Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu Ashram Contact Details 

Address: Motera, Sabarmati, Ahmedabad – 380005, Gujarat
Contact Number: 079-27505010/ 11
Email: support@ashram.org

The ashrams and its other branches offer prayer services, yoga, and various other religious services to devotees. The first Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu Ashram was set up in the year of 1971 at Ahmedabad in the Indian state of Gujarat. This central Ashram also acts as the managing office for various other organizations formed by revered Asaram Bapu. Worldwide, there are over 200 Asaram Bapu Ashrams, in addition to more than 1,500 meditation centres across the entire length and breadth of the world. Pujya Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu is famous as ideal role model of wisdom, compassion, intellect and wit. Asaram Bapu Ashram organizes a 5-day camp for children time to time. The camp teaches all children yogic techniques for meditation, along with other activities. For further information and enquiry about upcoming Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu satsangs, you can find with us Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu Ashram Contact Details. You can find in this post accurate Contact Address and important Contact Number.

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