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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Contact Information

August 8, 2012 | Posted in Spiritual Gurus
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Ravi Shankar, popularly known as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, is one of the most prominent Indian Spiritual Gurus. He is a well-known name not only in India but abroad also. Ravi Shankar descended on earth on 13 May 1956. His followers also frequently referred to him simply as “Sri Sri” or as Guruji or Gurudev. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has his followers spread across the entire length and breadth of the world. He is an Indian Spiritual Leader and founder of the Art of Living Foundation. He brought this organization in the year of 1982. The Art of Living Foundation aims to relieve individuals stress, societal problems and violence that make human relationships bitter and sour.  His Spiritual Events are organized throughout the land. In India, he has his office in the city of Bengaluru. If you want to contact him, you can do so by writing him on the following Address.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Bengaluru Contact Details

Address: 21 KM Kanakapura Road, Bangalore South Taluk, Karnataka 560 062, India
Contact Number: +91 8028427060
Email: info@vvmvp.org

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a human being with numerous qualities. He is a Humanitarian Leader, Spiritual Teacher and an esteemed Ambassador of Peace. His followers across the globe believe in his teachings like anything. His vision of a calm, growth-oriented and violence-free society has brought millions of people together the worldwide through projects and the courses of The Art of Living. It is an NGO that boasts of UNESCO consultative status. In the year of 1997 Ravi Shankar brought into being a Geneva-based charity, the International Association for Human Values, an NGO that actively engages itself in relief work and rural development. In 2010 Ravi Shankar was named by Forbes Magazine as the fifth most influential person in India. To cater to the concerns of his followers outside India, Ravi Shankar has set-up his offices in some important countries across the world, including the United States, Canada and Germany. Contact details of Ravi Shankar’s International Offices are given below.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar International Office Contact Details

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Washington Office Contact Details

Address: 2401 15th St NW, Washington DC 20009 USA

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Quebec Office Contact Details 

Address: 13 Chemin de l’infinite St., Mathieu du Parc, Province de Quebec G0X 1N0
Contact Number: 1-819-532-3328
E-mail: artdevivre@artofliving.org

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Bad Antogast office Contact Details

Address: Bad Antogast 1 77728 Oppenau
Contact Number: +49780497390
E-mail: info@artofliving.de

Ravi Shankar was born to Smt. Vishalakshi Ratnam and R. S. Venkat Ratnam. He was named “Ravi“, which is a common Indian name meaning “Sun“, because his birth was on a Sunday and “Shankar” after the 8th century Hindu saint Adi Shankara. Ravi Shankar shares his birthday with Adi Shankara. Ravi Shankar finished Bachelor in Science at the age of 17 from Bangalore University. Today, he is known as one of the most influential Indian personalities. He teaches to his followers that spirituality is something that augments human values such as love and compassion, and is open to all people. If you want to more about him, you can contact him on above mentioned contact details.

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  1. Vinayak

    Namaskara Guruji,
    Please give me your contact number or address as I have to speak with you.

  2. Ritesh

    I hate u guruji

  3. leela

    time 11.35pm, tues day
    namaste guruji, nange job na bagge kelbekkittu & mathe yava vayasinalli maduve agthade antha heli, samase edre parihara thilisi

  4. nagarathna

    nanna hesaru nagarathna huttiddu 30/03/1994 nanna arogyada bagge heli pls pls pls

  5. sushma

    Namasthe guruji,dis is Sushma..dob-may5th1994,time:around 11.15 pm,
    Problem:waiting for job,whn I will get da job,I am tryng my level best.plz give reply as soon as possible

  6. veeresh .t

    Namaste Guruji
    My son data of birth is 04/june/2015 time 6:14 PM ( MULANAKSHATRA)

    3 month is over Which is sutable name guruji.please please check and update to me
    thanku . guruji or call me my no =91-9989953422

  7. mamatha

    Namasthe guruji, nanna hesaru mamatha. nanu huttida date sariyagi gottila bt edu school nalli kottiro date guruji 20th July 1988 . nanu huttiddu Tuesday anta helthare amma. nanna madwe bagge dayavittu heli guruji. nimma ans ge wait madtha ertini plz heli guruji.

  8. punith s

    Namaste Guruji,

    Name:punith s
    Time:9:15Am monday

    Nanu jobge try madathni nange govt job sigutha. yavaga job sigutha ananth
    dayavitu heli gurji mathu nana bhavishyada bage heli guruji.

  9. Manjunath M

    My data of birth is 29/07/1986 time 9:00 AM

    3 years is over when i will get Baby check and update to me.

  10. Dharam Pal Nayar

    My neighbour aged 89 yrs of age badly sick and bedridden. His name is Shri Gursharan Das Duggal. He is in great PAIN.
    KINDLY SUGGEST SOME PRANA-MUKTI UPPAI. It shall be great service to the sufferer.
    Warm regards

  11. Nagarathna.c.v.

    Respected guruji i want to visit your office, we are facing finance problem, kindly help me & Send your office address and ph.no

  12. umadevi.s

    My name is umadevi when will job get me plzz tell me Guruji

  13. umadevi.s

    14 8\1990
    when job will get to me

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  15. Suresh

    DOB 28th Nov 1958 Time 07.00 -7.30 pm please tell me why i am facing finance problems always

  16. usah

    my Husband Date of Birth; 27/09/1958. 9 PM his health

  17. usah

    My name is usha, 21/03/1964, 1.32AM in Kanakapura, when my mukthi, please reply Guruji

  18. vijayashree

    my date of brith is 09/01/1988
    iam unemployee when i get job is this year is good for me?

    • piyush mag

      Piyush mag
      Dop 28/10/1989
      Tob 06:20am
      Pob ratlam
      iam unemployee when i get job is this year is good for me?
      Mba kiya he last 6 months se jobless hu
      15 company me interview diye but selection nhi ho paya

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