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ICICI Bank Customer Care Number

November 1, 2012 | Posted in Banks
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ICICI Bank Customer Care Number & Toll free Number is the most convenient way using which all ICICI Bank Customers can contact ICICI Bank Helpdesk and seek immediate solutions to their queries and grievances. The number is quite helpful for customers who are availing financial services of ICICI Bank or want to bank with ICICI in future. ICICI Bank Customer Care Number assists customers in a broad variety of ways. It enables you know everything that concerns you as a proud customer of this leading financial institution of India. If you ever face any kind of problem, the easiest way to root it out completely is to make a simple call at ICICI Bank Customer Care Number and communicate with ICICI Bank Customer Care Executive. With the help of ICCI Bank Customer Care Number you can gather more information about ICICI Bank Accounts and Deposits, ICICI Bank Loans, Cards, ICICI Bank Insurance, Investments, Demat, Agri & Rural, ICICI Bank Internet Banking, ICICI Bank Mobile Banking and ATM facilities.

ICICI Bank Toll Free Number:  1800-103-8181, 1800-22-8181 ( Accessible from MTNL/BSNL/Select mobile Operators Only)

ICICI Bank Limited is an Indian banking services institution headquartered in MumbaiMaharashtra. It is one among India’s leading and largest banking establishments by market capitalization and customer base. ICICI Bank has always been one of the most preferred Banks for millions of clients across the entire length and breadth of the country.  It offers an extensively diverse range of Banking Products and Financial Services to Corporate and Retail Customers through various delivery channels. ICICI Bank provides customers with these services to customers through its specialized subsidiaries in the domains of Investment Banking, Life and Non-life Insurance, Venture Capital and Asset Management. Currently, ICICI Bank has an extensive network of more than 2,772 Branches and 9,363 ATM’s available in all nooks and corners of the country. Besides India, ICICI Bank has a domineering presence in 18 powerful nations around the globe. For further information, customers can contact ICICI Bank Customer Care Number. Besides this, you can also dial ICICI Bank Customer Care Number of your respective city. We have mentioned below ICICI Bank Customer Care Numbers for major Indian cities.

ICICI Personal Banking Contact Number

ICICI Bank Ahmedabad Customer Care Number: 66309890
ICICI Bank Andhra Pradesh Customer Care Number: 98495 78000/7306667777
ICICI Bank Assam Customer Care Number: 9954108000
ICICI Bank Bengaluru Customer Care Number: 41131877
ICICI Bank Bhubaneswar Customer Care Number: 9938488000
ICICI Bank Bihar Customer Care Number: 9934008000
ICICI Bank Chandigarh Customer Care Number: 5055700
ICICI Bank Chennai Customer Care Number: 42088000
ICICI Bank Coimbatore Customer Care Number: 4358000
ICICI Bank Cuttack Customer Care Number: 9938488000
ICICI Bank Delhi Customer Care Number: 41718000, 9818178000
ICICI Bank Darjeeling Customer Care Number: 9933008000
ICICI Bank Goa  Customer Care Number: 9890478000
ICICI Bank Gujarat Customer Care Number: 9898278000
ICICI Bank Guwahati Customer Care Number: 9954108000
ICICI Bank Haryana Customer Care Number: 9896178000
ICICI Bank Hyderabad Customer Care Number: 23128000
ICICI Bank Indore Customer Care Number: 4022005
ICICI Bank Jamshedpur Customer Care Number: 9934008000
ICICI Bank Kochi Customer Care Number: 9895478000
ICICI Bank Kolkata Customer Care Number: 9831378000
ICICI Bank Lucknow Customer Care Number: 9936218000
ICICI Bank Mumbai Customer Care Number: 28307777
ICICI Bank Orissa Customer Care Number: 9938488000
ICICI Bank North East Customer Care Number: 9862408000
ICICI Bank Patna Customer Care Number: 9934008000
ICICI Bank Pune Customer Care Number: 9890478000
ICICI Bank Ranchi Customer Care Number: 9934008000
ICICI Bank Siliguri Customer Care Number: 9933008000

ICICI Wealth/ Private Banking Contact Number

ICICI Bank Ahmedabad Customer Care Number: 079-66309878 / 33443399
ICICI Bank Andhra Pradesh Customer Care Number: 984957 8800 / 7306443399
ICICI Bank Assam Customer Care Number: 9954108888
ICICI Bank Bengaluru Customer Care Number: 080-41258800 / 33443399
ICICI Bank Bhubaneswar Customer Care Number: 3344339
ICICI Bank Bihar Customer Care Number: 9934028800 / 8102443399
ICICI Bank Chandigarh Customer Care Number: 0172-5055710 / 3344339
ICICI Bank Chennai Customer Care Number: 044-42018800 / 33443399
ICICI Bank Coimbatore Customer Care Number: 0422-4398800 / 9025443399
ICICI Bank Delhi Customer Care Number: 9818178800/ 011-41618800 / 33443399
ICICI Bank Goa  Customer Care Number: 9890338800 / 7304443399
ICICI Bank Gujarat Customer Care Number: 9898278800 / 8306443399
ICICI Bank Haryana Customer Care Number: 9896308800 / 9017443399
ICICI Bank Hyderabad Customer Care Number: 040-23128921 / 33443399
ICICI Bank Indore Customer Care Number: 0731-4008800 / 8103443399
ICICI Bank Kolkata Customer Care Number: 9831378800 / 33443399
ICICI Bank Lucknow Customer Care Number: 3344339
ICICI Bank Mumbai Customer Care Number: 022-28307921 / 33443399
ICICI Bank Orissa Customer Care Number: 9938488800 / 7735443399
ICICI Bank North East Customer Care Number: 9862408800
ICICI Bank Patna Customer Care Number: 3344339
ICICI Bank Ranchi Customer Care Number: 3344339

ICICI Bank is one of the most popular Financial Services Companies in India. Besides India, ICICI Bank has a strong presence in international markets also. It has subsidiaries in some most powerful countries like United Kingdom, Russia, and Canada. Some state-of-the-art branches of ICICI Bank are operational in United States, Singapore, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Qatar and Dubai. International Finance Centre and representative offices of ICICI Bank are located in United Arab Emirates, China, South Africa, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The UK subsidiary of ICICI Bank has incorporated branches in Belgium and Germany. ICICI Bank takes pride in being one of the Big Four banking establishments in India, along with State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank and Canara Bank. If you have some questions and queries, dial ICICI Bank Customer Care Number. Besides this, you can dial ICICI Bank Customer Care Number of your respective state. We have mentioned below ICICI Bank Regional Customer Care Number.

ICICI Bank Regional Customer Care Numbers

ICICI Bank Chhattisgarh Customer Care Number: 9893208000
ICICI Bank Himachal Pradesh Customer Care Number: 9816608000
ICICI Bank Tamil Nadu Customer Care Number: 9894478000
ICICI Bank UP East Customer Care Number: 9936218000
ICICI Bank  UP West Customer Care Number: 9897308000
ICICI Bank Uttaranchal Customer Care Number: 9897308000
ICICI Bank West Bengal Customer Care Number: 9933008000
ICICI Bank Jharkhand Customer Care Number: 9934008000
ICICI Bank Karnataka Customer Care Number: 9845578000
ICICI Bank Kerala Customer Care Number: 9895478000
ICICI Bank Punjab Customer Care Number: 9815558000
ICICI Bank Rajasthan Customer Care Number: 9829222292
ICICI Bank Madhya Pradesh Customer Care Number: 9893208000
ICICI Bank Maharashtra Customer Care Number: 9890478000

Comments (7)

  1. Jawed Ali Khan

    worst customer care support

  2. sarita gupta

    ICICI bank CC Nos. or Toll free nos. as displayed on bank’s web site are most inconvinient to help the customer. As soon after calling, a long recorded message is heard. Then with a gap of about 10 seconds they start calling to press digits 1,2,…for various services. After pressing the directed digit they call for pressing the customer’s a/c no..While the customer starts pressing the digits of his a/c no. in between it is announced that the sessioin is time out. Thus a call involving few minutes get wasted with the customer loosing his valueable time and money.

    this is most disgusting leaving the customer astonished by the way the bank is behaving through their CC. Will the bank arrange a facility to directly call to the Customer care executive without going through the existing procedure.

  3. najeeb

    How to know statement of car loan status

  4. Jaganmoy Chand

    icici withdrawn my money from my account without any permission as on 1.november2014 . so i just want to know why you did or withdwal my money without my permission and i want my money back anyhow. i am student and doing small work i had saved money but icici stolen my money . so refund my money as soon as possible its around amount 6300 so refund my money, donot tell that jaganmoy you paid money donot tell ok because facing problem bank says this ok

  5. Rahul Chandel

    ICICI Bank Home Loans Advantages

    • Wide range of product to choose from
    • Guidance through out the process making home buying hassle free
    • Doorstep service at your comfort
    • Simplified documentation
    • Sanction approval without having selected a property.
    • Flexible repayment options
    • With a network of 2500 branches we are always close to you
    • Over 246 Bank Branches pan India for servicing of your loans
    • Free Personal Accident Insurance (Terms & Conditions)
    • Insurance options for your home loan at attractive premium

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