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Ocean Park Hyderabad

April 30, 2012 | Posted in Amusement Parks
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Ocean Park Hyderabad is a beautiful Water Park, famous for its exciting Water Rides. Located at Gandipet, 20 kilometer from Hyderabad, Ocean Park Hyderabad sprawls in 20 acres of designed home gardens. It is a kind of Amusement Park that you haven’t seen yet in India. Ocean Park Hyderabad is one of the first Amusement Parks started in twin-cities and remains a great craze, especially among kids. But it is not the children alone who enjoy, even younger can have lots of fun here. Ocean park hyderabad is a family amusement park providing a good mix of fun and excitement for people of all ages with Ocean Park Water Rides-kiddies pool, wave pool, water slides, dry rides- super loop, the 60 feet high journey, bumping cars, slam bomb etc. Contact Number of Ocean Park Hyderabad for further details.

Ocean Park Hyderabad Contact Number: 09866699476, 9866699475

The amusement park has an aquatic sports area and another one for Entertainment Games. Here you can experience again your childhood or run around with your children amongst the various water bodies. If you enjoy the excitement of the game titles where the ships and trains make half and full groups, where tea cups juggle in the air and you are basically taken on a ride, then Ocean Park is the place for you. Ocean Park Hyderabad Entry Fee is given below.

Ocean Park Hyderabad Entry Fee

Adult Child College School
Snow world Rs 450/- Rs 250/- Rs 300/- Rs 250/-
Ocean Park Rs 350/- Rs 230/- Rs 250/- Rs 220/-
Rain Forest Rs 60/- Rs 60/- Rs 30/- Rs 30/-
Living Dead Rs 60/- Rs 60/- Rs 30/- Rs 30/-
indoor racing (4 Laps) Rs 240/- Rs 240/- Rs 120/- Rs 120/-

Ocean Park Hyderabad Rides

Ocean Park Hyderabad is separated into different area, in the children area there is a wading pool and fountain, while the adult area has the thrilling water slides. There is also a waves and swimming pool with different areas for men, women and children. Jet skiing is also available. Toy train, choppers, large air filled balloon, video games are available for children and for adult there is tora tora ride, single loop roller coaster and a ship that sails from side to side rolling your interior out. Ocean Park Hyderabad Contact Details are mentioned below.

Ocean Park Hyderabad Contact Details

Address: Snow World
Lower Tank Bund Road, Hyderabad – 500080
Contact Number: 040- 6599-0167, 6599-0168, 6599-0169, 6599-0170, 2419-3236, 9866699475, 9866699476
Fax: 040 – 24193235
Email: enquiry@snowworldindia.net, enquiry@oceanparkindia.net

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  1. Aymann Fatima


  2. vidya

    fee is inclouding food r not how much cost tell

  3. tagore sandeep

    If we brought costume our side.any issues for tht…….

  4. ramesh

    fare is Rs 300 for adults and chidren Rs200 2013

  5. sajid imran

    ya am coming to amuse u all

  6. SABA

    i s there any entry charge 4r childrn less than 3 yrs

  7. johny clint

    can u tell me the root, actually i’m from ECIL X Roads, i don’t know the exact place to come ocean park….

  8. Asim

    After the entry fee is the other rides free or have to be paid for

    • Ansh Rajput

      Hello Asim

      Yes, all the rides are free after you pay for the entry fees.

      • Satish Agrawal

        @ Ansh & Asim,
        There are some rides (for amusement park) for which you have pay some extra amoun, also u have to pay for costume, locker etc… but All water rides are free.

  9. sachin

    Hello Ravi

    The entry fees for Ocean Park is Rs. 300/- for adults and Rs. 200/- for child.

  10. Ravi

    Pls let me know the entry fee and facilities available at Ocean Park.

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