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Kathak Kendra Contact Number

September 2, 2016 | Posted in Dance Academy
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Kathak Kendra is the leading dance institution of the country. National Institute of Kathak Dance was established in 1964 as an integral unit of the Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi. The trainers focus on creating successful dancers and endeavor to nurture the talent. The Kathak Kendra proposes two main streams of Kathak dance- the Elementary and the Advance. Dial Kathak Kendra Contact Number to know more about the Kathak Dance classes in Delhi. The Elementary section comprises of a five year Foundation Course and a three year Diploma (Pass) Course. The Advance stages involve a three year Diploma (Hons.) course and a two year Post Diploma Course. Out of these two levels, the Elementary course offers fundamental knowledge and training. It trains the students with a strong foundation to study Kathak at a professional level.  If you’re looking for a Dance Classes in Delhi, National Institute of Kathak Dance is a pretty viable option to explore. If you have any queries you can find Kathak Kendra Phone Number in the listing below along with the address. For further assistance, send an email at Kathak Kendra Email address.

Kathak Kendra Contact Number: 011-2687 4251 / 52

Kathak Kendra Email: kathakkendra2014@gmail.com

Kathak Kendra boons opportunities to young aspiring dancers and equips them to achieve their dream. The premier institute train its students and provide them a platform to showcase their talents via competitions and live performances. National Institute of Kathak Dance equips its students through annual programme of seminars, performances, workshops and lecture demonstrations. To know more about class timings and fee structure, note down Kathak Kendra Phone Number.

Kathak Kendra Phone Number

  • 011-2687 4235
  • 011-2687 4253

Kathak Kendra strives to keep flourishing the dialogue and debate to nurture the soul of growth, diversity and evolution. The faculty is dedicated to promote the practice, progress and consciousness of Kathak Dance as an artistic spree. Indian Classical Dance Kathak is a component of the rich classical heritage of the nation. If you are not content with the information available on the website, visit Kathak Kendra Address to learn more about it.

Kathak Kendra Address

Kathak Kendra
2 San Martin Marg,
New Delhi 110021

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