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Shalimar Productions Ltd Contact Details

July 23, 2015 | Posted in Production House
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Shalimar Productions Limited deals with production needs of various media institutions, one can use Shalimar Productions Ltd Contact Details as a customer. The firm works with a team of qualified, trusted and professional officials who are set forth to take care of all the business as well as individual investor’s needs. Shalimar Productions Ltd Contact Number is open for any discussions dealing with investments or business needs. Their team of ingenious individuals are the pillars of strength who have worked hard to bring them to a stronger position. To find a perfect solution for all your needs also note the Shalimar Productions LTD Address. They are always available to provide outstanding services to the customers.

Shalimar Productions Ltd Mumbai Office Contact Details

Address: Shalimar Productions LTD
A9, Shree Sidhdhivinayak Plaza, Floor 3, Off-link Road, Andheri W.
Contact Number: 022 6550 1200

Shalimar Productions Ltd Bikaner Office Address

Address: Shalimar House
Near Circuit house, Bikaner, Rajasthan – 334001

A change can turn things from good to better! A company named Shalimar Agro Products Limited changed its objectives to media business which led them to success. The name was changed to Shalimar Productions Limited with only a single purpose to become a recognised organisation all over India. It was in 1985 when this firm came into existence and landed their steps in the media business. They intend to deliver all the best possible services to emerging artists, movie directors and more. The company produced many regional movies as well as albums. They are located in Mumbai and also own a ‘Visagar Suranjana Studio’ in Sundarbans near Kolkata. This studio is equipped with all the basic facilities like catering and lodging. They also have a Shalimar academy within the Shalimar house where emerging artists are trained to become brilliant ones. The company possess very hard working and efficient teams of officials who have always been a backbone for the company. The officials are responsible for the success and increasing reputation of the company. If customers need any help from the executives they can use any of the Shalimar Productions Ltd Mumbai Office Contact Details. For all budding artist the Shalimar Productions Ltd Bikaner Office Address is available, to inquire about the academy in Shalimar House.

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