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Axis Mutual Fund Customer Care Number

October 1, 2012 | Posted in Mutual Fund
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Axis Mutual Fund Customer Care Number can be helpful in various ways. If you have got any query or question regarding Axis Mutual Fund, feel free to dial Axis Mutual Fund Customer Care Number. With the help of Axis Mutual Fund Customer Care Number you can get in touch with the Axis Mutual Fund Customer Care Team and seek immediate solutions to all your queries and questions. You can share your concerns with the Axis Mutual Fund Customer Care Team and it will try its best to help you with your investment needs. Find below Axis Mutual Fund Customer Care Number.

Axis Mutual Fund Customer Care Number: 1800-3000-3300 (Toll-free)

Axis Mutual Fund introduces Axis Triple Advantage Fund that helps customers avail the various advantages of diversification by investing in a mix of Equity, Fixed Income and Gold. This unique Mutual Fund Plan not only minimizes financial risks but also paves ways for wealth growth. Axis Triple Advantage Fund makes you feel free from financial insecurities. One of the most important features of Axis Triple Advantage Fund is that it is suitable for an investment of 3 years or more and returns potential are not compromised even with reduced risk levels. For more information you can call Axis Mutual Fund Customer Care Number.

Axis Triple Advantage Fund offers returns that are more stable than pure equity or gold investments over the long period. This plan also offers great convenience to investors as now one single application form is sufficient for investment in three asset classes. This exciting Mutual Fund from the Axis Bank can bring wealth of joy into your life. You can invest in Axis Triple Advantage Fund without any hassles. For further information we provide you Axis Mutual Fund Customer Care Number. With the help of Axis Mutual Fund Customer Care Number you can establish contact with the Axis Mutual Fund Customer Care Team and find maximum information regarding Axis Triple Advantage Fund.

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  2. srichand kartarsingh wadhwa

    I have sent request for updation of bank details in my folio no.9046872673 with you, which was confirmed having received by you on 04-05-2016,but i have not been informed till date that bank details are updated. Please inform me about the status of my request at my email id as mentioned above. Thanks,

  3. Ankit Agrawal


    I invested (Rs.75000/-) through an agent to buy AXIS LONG TERM MUTUAL FUND.

    I gave the agent a cheque of Rs.75000/- in favour of AXIS LONG TERM MUTUAL FUND payable at RANCHI, jharkhand.

    I spent this amount in August,2012.

    I was informed by the agent that its an open mutual fund so at any time i can buy/sell more units of it. The company would pay me an annual interest and would show me the market value of the money invested. I gave him a cheque of (25000*3) in favour of AXIS LONG TERM MUTUAL FUND payable at RANCHI, Jharkhand and PAN CARD details.

    As of now i have not received any interest or any such documents from the company directly. However the agents did gave me some document in the name of AXIS BANK.

    i bought these mutual funds in the name of:-

    Mr.Bimal Kumar Agarwal – Rs.25000/- in August,2012.
    Ms.Kiran Agrawal – Rs.25000/- in August,2012.
    Mr.Ankit Kumar Agrawal – Rs.25000/- in August,2012.

    Sir, kindly let me know further details about how can i be assured that i have bought these mutual funds or i have been cheated.

    thanking you

    Your’s Sincerely

    Ankit Kumar Agrawal

    • Shilpi DAS

      Dear Sir,
      If u have given cheques in favour of Axis mutual, then it should be invested in Axis only. Give me your PAN no. I can help you.

    • parveen

      this is an ELSS fund and it will have lock in of 3 years for every investment. and will be tax free after lock in period.

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