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Maharashtra Navnirman Sena Contact Details

November 19, 2012 | Posted in State Government
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Maharashtra Navnirman Sena Contact Details can be found here with us. Here you can note down the detailed address and some pertinent contact numbers of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, a leading political party in Maharashtra. If you want to contact Maharashtra Navnirman Sena or want to become an active member with the party, you can use following Maharashtra Navnirman Sena contact details to get on touch with the party headquarter in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena is a Maharashtrian Nationalist Party. Headquartered in Mumbai Maharashtra, MNS operates on the motto of “Sons of the Soil”. The political party was brought into being on the March 9, 2006 in Mumbai by Raj Thackeray. Find below Maharashtra Navnirman Sena contact details.

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena Contact Number and Address 

Address: 2nd Floor, Matoshri Towers, Padmabai Thakkar Marg,
Shivaji Park, Mahim, Mumbai 400016. Maharashtra, India
Contact Number: +91-22-24333599/ 24333699/ 24333799
Fax: +91-22-24333899
Email: writetous@manase.org

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena came into existence in the year of 2006. The foundation of the party was laid down by Raj Thackeray, nephew of Shiv Sena Supremo Bal Thackeray. Raj Thackeray left his uncle’s party in January 2006 due to some political differences that arose in between them because of their different political ideologies. Later on he announced his intention to start a new political party. Since its inception Maharashtra Navnirman Sena has established itself as one of the most prominent political parties in the Indian state of Maharashtra. If you want to contact Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, find below Maharashtra Navnirman Sena contact details.

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  1. pradip badabe

    sir maze gaoat pani nahi 2 km varun pani anayala lagat ahe sarkar kahi kart nahi yojana rabavali pan pani srva paise khishat gele yojanet bharshtachar zala ahe pan amaala pani nahi sir gaonche amdar pan kahi kart nahi apanch amche maibap ahat balashabe nantar aplavar apesha ahe sir pl pl jatine lakash dya sir nahi tar aplyvaril vishvas jail.
    maza no.9987602442
    tip- aplya karayal letter devun six maoth zala kahi zale nahi. sir pl pl help

  2. akshay poharkar

    jai maharashtra sir aamchya akot vidhansabhet tumchya parti la khup mate aahet aamche pan aamchya telhara gavat koni prachar karitach nahi aani mhanunach yethe aapli sit yet nahi
    mazi kadkadun vinanti aahe ki plez tumhi tyana sanga mi aapla khup motha fan aahe sir tumchi aaplya maharashrat kadhi hi sabh asli ki mi te kadhich miss nahi karat aatach tumchi sabha punyat astana mi pan aalo aaplya bhashnat kay takat aahe sir mi aaple bhashan ektach josh yete mala kahi karnayach pan kahi karuch nahi shakat
    jai maharashtra sir

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  4. Purnima

    hello Raj Saheb,
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    Purnima Bhatkar

  5. Rajesh Jaywant Dalvi

    Namaskar saheb

    Me Rajesh Dalvi me tumala 5 te 6 vela bheat aahe aani tumcha barobar RRajaysabhecha umedavari baddal bol lo hoto aani aata mala tumala bhatu suddha deta nahi aahet

    Me thane Rabodi vibhagatun yethun ubha rahayala eechuk aahe aani me nakki nivdun ya chi gawhi pan deto pan aapli bhet hone jaruri aahe

    Me Ramdas kadam yancha aatay bhau aahe

    ME Aaply Senecha ek nager sevak nivdun pan dila aahe

    krupa karun yacha vichar kara va

  6. swapnil mahadev nagvekar

    raj saheb mala tumala ekda bhetaycha ahe ani kurar badal porache problem diskas karayche ahe tumi amala time deu shakal ka ami tucha sobat shevat paryat rahu kay pan zale tari

  7. Mahendra

    Sir tumhi faqt ekda Chandrapur dauryavar ya ani Chimur shetrat sabha gya ikde amhala MNS chi khari takat dakhvaychi ahe..ikde MNS Che tadak fadak netrutv karnyachi takat kunatch nahi ahe sagle dal badlu ahet amhi MNS Che karykarte dablya jat ahot ikde tumchya sabhechi nittant garaj ahe ani ata hich well ahe dakhwanyachi ..amhala faqt tumhchi garaj ahe pl.reply 9096941323

  8. SangRam Chaudhari

    May I help u sir
    My contact no:-842191 5657

  9. sumir patil

    Respected sir,
    We the student of north maharashtra university (JALGAON) (M.H) had been cheated by the university as the university is not passing the rule of “CARRY ON’ for third year engg (old syllabus) because our syllabus is changing and new pattern is totally different from new one. according to maharashtra university ACT 1994 the ” vice chancellor of any university is must to pass the rule of ” CARRY ON” for engg student because of following reason
    1) in case of syllabus change
    2) To avoid the loss of student
    3) Development of student
    because of this reason also the VICE CHANCELLOR is Not passing the rule please take serious action to save one year of more than 3000 students.
    The jalgaon member of MNS VISHNU BHANGALE is requesting the VICE CHANCELLOR then also he( VICE CHANCELLOR) is not taking any serious action.
    please atleast you take any serious action.

  10. Ashutosh Dupte

    Dear sir.

    My name is Ashutosh Dupte . I need a help . my younger brother want a admission for second year of b.e marine engineer in samundra institute of Martine it is the best college for marine engineers and my younger brother marks in first year is 70% sir please help him for a admission it’s a request . please reply us

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  15. Pramila

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  16. swapnil gawari

    Marathi mansavr dusrya rajyat Jo anyay hoto teva tyala tumhi madat karal ka…?

  17. Mohammedali Patel

    Raj Saheb I want to join your party.

  18. Sanjay

    Dear Sir,
    I want that you please extend your party towards north India.
    is is possible ?

    Please Reply.

  19. Vickey

    Maharashtra Navnirman Sena Membership Application Year 2012-2014


  20. abhinandaan

    sir namaskar majha naav [ABHINANDAAN.GARG] aayhe me kiti time tumala bhet karya chi hoti chitrapat badla/sir, mi kal aplyala bhetnyasathi krishna bhuvan varti alo astana tumchya karykartyani mala ani mazya mitrala aplyala bhetu dil nahi amhi sakal pasun ann pani n pita alo hoto
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  21. santosh tambavekar

    respected sir,
    Rajsaheb apli Maharashtrala apli garj ahe agami 2014 la maharshtfratr apn apla zenda fadkvanar he marathi lokanche swapn ahe ani he swapn amhi sakarnarr he nakkich jai mahrashtra jai mns

  22. milind


  23. aaryan

    Mr rajsaheb span Dhule at the aukat aple swagat pan span Jo kahe nernay ghetla tya vassal aple abhar apan ji Dhule kryakarni barkast keli far changle kele apnya paksha chi ejjat wacli bacon karya karni kartana nakkich nangl karya karte apnas melave apli plya paksha chi unatti nakkich wahilpan changly karyakartyna pakshat jaga dya

    • milind

      Mr rajsaheb aple dhule athe swagat apli aplya paksha chi dhule sharala garaj aihech pan apan athil karyakarni barkast karun jo changla nernay ghethla tya baddil aple abhar aplya pakshachi ejjat apan wachavli lavkarch apan navin ani changli karyakarni apan ya dhule shara la dyal aple abhar

  24. akshay patil

    sir, i wnt to meet you i have important work.
    plz give me the way to meet you

  25. akshay patil

    sir, mi kal aplyala bhetnyasathi krishna bhuvan varti alo astana tumchya karykartyani mala ani mazya mitrala aplyala bhetu dil nahi amhi sakal pasun ann pani n pita alo hoto
    its ok but i want to meet you but i dont know how i meet . tyasathi tumchi parangi ghyayala lagate ka? ani ti kashi ghyayachi reply plz.

  26. Gayatri Manjrekar


    I need your help….

    Please call me on 9892364405

  27. kailash rathod [aurangabad]

    namskar sir me aurangabad la rahato sadya me college karto.

    sir me CRPF che form bharlo hota mazi traing punyala hote
    me ani maze 2 mitr gelo hoto tar amhala manmad staion var TC ni pakadale
    amhi tikat kadlo hoto sir pan te TC khup pareshan karat hote .te 3 TC BHIHAR (UP)
    madle hote
    sir ek vichar kara te bhihar madun maharashtrat yeun kam kartat ani amhala ethe college karun khup shikun amhala kam milat nahi

  28. Govind Shivdas Tapse

    Sir mi eak Kattar mnse karyakrta ahe pan mi sadya mothya sanktat ahe plz call kara my no9561936149, 8796130996

  29. viki

    hi raj saheb
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    amhala amchya gagetul vijecha khabal amchyach jaget halwayach ahe

    kupaya kahitari apan karave
    my phone no 9221203650

  30. umakant s chaudhari

    Sir mi 1 mnks taku icchi to mhan ke Maharashtra nav nirman railway kamgar sena sthapit karu icchi to. mi south central railway madhe kam kartoy.maza mb. No. 9028222148. 8806592006, 9922332352.
    My name is umakant sharad chaudhari at akola. Old responses me sir today u will come in akola at 23/3/2013 so you will call me. And I will meet you.
    Thanks your helping nature.

  31. Dr. gagan rahangdale

    sir i want your help i am in troubble plz call me as possible as.9503457971 my no.

  32. rajesh rameshwar wankhede

    Me rajesh rameshwar wankhede saheb mla tumchi adat havi ahe maze vadil railwayt kamla hote 8 varsh zale trihi mla ajn kamala ghetlel nai tar mla tumchi madat havi ahe

  33. Prakash Gawade

    Raj Saheb mala tumchi madat havi aahe.

  34. Vinay Kumar

    Dear Raj beta ur a very tapori leader if ur aim become a good leader pls come & join UP then u know what is politics i suggest u Ghar mein kutta bhi sher ban jata hai main ek nashiat de raha hoon kabhi kisi ke saath rajneeti mat karo aaj ek gang rape hui ladki ke sikar ko rajneeti karte ho dum hai toh bihar mein yeh baat bolo

  35. rohini

    i want help

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