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Samsung AC Customer Care Number

May 15, 2012 | Posted in Air Conditioner
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Samsung Air Conditioner (AC) Customer Care Number and Toll Free Number can be dialed by the customers of Samsung AC.  Samsung is one of the biggest electronics companies in the world. It has an impressive presence in a number of countries across the world. Samsung commenced its operations in India through its manufacturing complex placed at Noida in 1997. This Complex is today a home of the company in India that offers state-of-the-art Samsung Products. The Noida Complex is rated as the number one amongst all Samsung subsidiaries in terms of providing the best efficiency for Electronics. One of the most sought after Samsung products is Samsung Air Conditioner. A number of families in India go for Samsung Air Conditioners when it comes to beat the heat in summers. For further information you can dial Samsung Air Conditioner Customer Care Number and Toll Free Number that has been mentioned below.

Samsung Air Conditioner Customer Care Number

Samsung AC Customer Care Number: 3030-8282 (Prefix Local STD Code)
Samsung AC Toll Free Number:
 1800-110-011 (From MTNL/BSNL Lines)
Samsung AC Toll Free Number:
 1800-3000-8282/ 1800-266-8282

Samsung Customer Support team is always willing to answer your all queries and offer possible assistance. If you already have a Samsung AC in your house and you are experiencing any problem in it, you can contact on Customer Care Number of the company and register your complaint. Customers can also use company’s toll-free number to get immediate solutions.

Technological advancement innovator, Samsung Electronics has recently released its new, innovative range of Split ACs in the Indian market across the ‘Invincia’ and ‘Purista’ Series of Air Conditioners. While the Invincia Series comes with Smart Inverter technology that helps you to save up to 60% energy when the AC is on, the Purista plus Series of Samsung Air Conditioners comes with breakthrough advancement like Virus Doctor™ that reduces viruses, fungus and even germs like H1N1 in the air.

Samsung India is functioning with and leading to the progression of the domestic component industry in the nation. The Company is using the services of its associates to improve their product quality. Thus, Samsung Distributors are sent to different Samsung Subsidiaries to satisfy the Samsung overseas distributors in order to standard their own procedures. All the elements used by Samsung for developing its products are eco-friendly as per ROHS rules. The focus of the Centre is to personalize both audio visual and home appliance items to better meet the needs of Indian consumers. The Samsung R&D Centers in India help the Company to consistently innovate and introduce goods specialized for the Indian consumer. Samsung India currently has a network of around 6000 workers across its R&D Centers at Noida and Bangalore.

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  4. Bhupendra Singh

    Fraud Fraud Fraud.. they are totally Fraud. I have products of other companies also. They all are so good in customer support. Go for Sony and TATA. Rate them zero. I rate them zero. please forward it as more as possible. No one should buy Samsung Product we are youth we know how to ruin their repo.. Please do not ever buy Samsung Product We are being cheated Please do not cheat your self they will never ever provide you support.

    My registered mobile no is-8090622106
    Complaint no-8454286532

    Anyone can check that this is not being served till now. Customer care guys shame on you. Samsung is just earning money by cheating with people. They have trained customer support guys to say politely sorry mam sorry sir. They do not know nothing else. Spread it as far as it can Never buy Samsung. Rate them Zero. Go for TATA Voltas and Sony they are best

  5. Karan

    Samsung AC Price List

    MAX AR24FC2UAE 2.0 TR, 2 Star MRP Rs. 39,200/-*
    Purista AR24FC2TAUR 2.0 TR, 2 Star MRP Rs. 39,700/-*
    Purista AR18FC3TAUR 1.5 TR, 3 Star Rating is 4 out of 5 stars (1) MRP Rs. 33,100/*
    MAX AR18FC5UAEB 1.5 TR, 5 Star MRP Rs. 36,800/-*
    MAX AR18FC3UAEB 1.5 TR, 3 Star MRP Rs. 32,200/-*
    Purista AR18FC5TAPD 1.5 TR, 5 Star MRP Rs. 37,300/-*
    S-Purista AR18FC3TDPD 1.5 TR, 3 Star MRP Rs. 35,000/-*
    Purista AR18FC2TAUR 1.5 TR, 2 Star Rating is 2 out of 5 stars (2) MRP Rs. 30,400/*
    CRYSTAL AR18FC3EAUN 1.5 TR, 3 Star MRP Rs. 34,400/-*

  6. sivakumar.c

    my one ton split ac was cleaning perpose my address 24/2 sri hari flats 12 street nanganallur chennai61 near axis bank atm

  7. Neeraj

    Samsung AR24FC2UAEBN Split Air Conditioner
    Approx Rs. 39,100/-

    Key Features:
    • Energy Saving
    • Better corrosion resistance due to anti-corrosion coating on condenser
    • Faster cooling due to improved design
    • Reduced brazed connections to prevent gas leakage
    • Compact design for easy installation, even in smaller areas

  8. Dipak P. Desai

    Dipak Desai April 2, 19.20 pm.
    A very poor after sales service. Practically nil.

    My split AC of 1.5 ton is not working. I purchase it in December-2010 from Bhumi Enterprise, Gandhinagar,Gujarat . Gas leakage exist for two time i.e in May-2011 & May-2012. I had to pay Rs. 5500/ for refilling of gas.. also the person who install the a.c. had not given extra copper pipe which was required for shifting of a.c. in May-2012 & dealar also not takes any responsibility. this was very bed experience of Smsung Compny as well as Bhumi Enterprise, Gandhinagar . I registerd complain today morning i.e on 02/04/2012 in the morning but neighter no one visit my house nor even contect me on my phone till evening. this is very bed experience. I advise all the customer please don’t purchase any product of Samsung.I am going to register complain in customer protection courtin near future
    Address : Plot No.855/2, Sector-2/C,Gandhinagar-382007.
    Contact Mobile No : 9427605208


    • Bhupendra Singh

      Hi Dipak,,

      how to resolve this problem. I am also facing similar problem. they are not at all supporting. Customer care guys are worst. I bought AC just one month back. Please let me know how to take strict action against them My 30k is in vain. They are so fraud they are not at all coming to serve us.

      My registered mobile no is-8090622106
      Complaint no-8454286532

  9. Anil Agarwal

    A very poor after sales service. Practically nil.
    For AC they are giving 3 free service. I have purchased in May 2012. They have not yet attended any service till now. On calling, their costumer care told:
    1. no service request is there.
    2. that their supervisor will call in half within an hour on this issue.
    However so many half an hours have gone but supervisor is yet waiting for which half an hour I do not know.
    I would like to know that:
    1. What is the use in giving all three free service in last month.
    2. Are they going to extend this free service beyond one year.
    I have been calling to there service center with the following:
    a) Mr. Ganesh – not even written the complaint properly that I want the extension of last service beyond one year.
    b) Ms(rs) Vanitha.
    c) Mr. Arvind – did want understand the logic, misbehaving and not ready to connect the supervisor.
    Supervisors: It is below their dignity to talked to their costumer, and give a convincing answer.

    Anil Agarwal

  10. Rahul

    Samsung Window and Split AC Price

    Samsung Window AC
    Samsung Max AS242UGF 2.0 TR: Rs. 38,600/-*
    Samsung S Purista AS123BPE 1.0 TR: Rs. 30,400/-*
    Samsung Purista AS182BBF 1.5 TR: Rs. 30,600/-*

    Samsung Split AC
    Samsung S Crystal+AS184EKE 1.5 TR: Rs. 39,500/-*
    Samsung Max AS185UGF 1.5 TR: Rs. 37,600/-*
    Samsung S Crystal+AS183EKE 1.5 TR: Rs. 37,500/-*

  11. vishal

    Samsung Window AC Price

    Samsung K 1 Ton – AW122KC: Rs.18340
    Samsung 1.5 Tons – AW182ZC: Rs.20260
    Samsung K Gold 1.5 Tons – AW182KC: Rs.20999
    Samsung 1.5 Tons – AW183ZC: RS.21550

  12. Muruganandam


    My split AC is not working. One ton. Model :AS12FAXTL, A111PZBP301479R.
    Address : 32/12.Mathiyalagan Street, Nehru Nagar, Velachery, Chennai-600 042.
    Contact Mobile No : 9840962831.


  13. vishal

    Samsung Split AC Price

    Samsung – Max AS185UGF 1.5 TR – Rs.37,600*
    Samsung – Max AS183UGF 1.5 TR – Rs.32,200*
    Samsung – Crystal+AS185EWH 1.5 TR – Rs.44,000*
    Samsung – S Crystal+AS184EKE 1.5 TR – Rs.39,500*
    Samsung – S Crystal+AS183EKE 1.5 TR – Rs.37,500*

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