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Woodland India Customer Care Number

August 24, 2012 | Posted in Lifestyle
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Woodland Customer Care Number-cum-Woodland Toll Free Number is one of the simplest ways using which customers can gather comprehensive information regarding new arrivals at Woodland Stores. Woodlandis one of the most popular Lifestyle Brands across the world. The parent company of Woodland ‘Aero Group’ has been a renowned name in the lifestyle industry since its impressive beginning in 1950s. Within a very short span of time, Aero Group  became popular due to its unwavering commitment to excellence and the release of the most modern and stylish rage of lifestyle products . In 1992, Aero Group released Woodland and it instantly captured the attention of consumers all around. The motivation behind Woodland’s achievements is certainly the outdoor adventurer. After all, the adventurer is always seeking for new methods to force the limits and to find something new. In the same way, Woodland has also been finding new technologies and introducing leading edge enhancements to bring customers only the finest quality. Find below Woodland India Customer Care Number for Customer Support.

Woodland India Contact Number and Email Address 

Woodland Customer Care Number: 1800-419-2527/ 1800-103-3445 ( Toll Free)
Woodland Email: care@woodlandworldwide.com
Woodland Email for Buy Product Online: estore@woodlandworldwide.com

Today, Aero Group has emerged as an extremely professional company with its state-of-the-art Leather tanning units and manufacture facilities in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Macau and Canada. Now, Woodland has a wide network of 350 Exclusive Stores globally. Woodland Men’s Collection include Shoes, Sandals, Slipper, Denim, Shirts, Tees, Jackets, Tracksuits, Casual and Socks. Woodland Woman’s Collection offers Boots, Slippers, Shirts, Tees, Pre-Winter, Jackets, Bags, Socks and Casual. Woodland Collection range comprises of Casuals, Travel Clothing, clothing for Climbing, Trekking and Hiking. The brand also has an existence in more than 3000 Multi-brand Outlets in a number of nations. In order to regularly maintain this level of efficiency, Woodland has indigenously developed production and packaging procedures that are the best in the world. It all starts with a completely incorporated production procedure. If you are using Woodland Shoes and have any complaints regarding the product, please call Woodland India Customer Care Number.

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  3. gopi krishna gorinta

    My woodland shoe was ate by a dog which shows the product is made of genuine leather, but how can I service it as it’s warranty was recently over

  4. Sir / Madam,
    I had purchased one jacket from gurgaon m/s Aero club woodland store shop no. 107$ 107A sharma mall, in the month of 19 Dec’ 2014.
    JC 171 Aggie S jackets (RDYMDE GMTS) @ Rs 2839 with tin number 06263009043
    However i started wearing this jacket since DECEMBER 2014…
    After two months its rolled out on back side Wearing.
    For this issue I had already send snap shots with customer care and they give me feedback “you will visit to any woodland store and they will be solved your issue” after that on the month of march or april I had visited on the woodland store existed in kurukshetra “durga complex opposite sectors 17”
    They don’t accepted the jacket that time due to store location changing that time also they are mentally harassed me at that point and they are do not give a proper customer service and they told me you will be come some another time after one month so I will accept that thing at that time now today (20-07-2015)
    I have visited at the same store kurukshetra “durga complex opposite sectors 17” and now his branch manager suggested me to go the Gurgaon shop from that shop you had purchased this jacket and still they are not accepted this jacket. Now I don’t understand woodland provide all over India warranty or just woodland provide us a local outlet to outlet warranty I think this kind of services I would not expected from woodland.
    Kurukshetra woodland store branched manager totaly mentally harassed me with these kind of services as well as these kind of promising.
    Its second time happend with me from woodland products. I just want to file a case against on woodland.
    As well as kurukshetra woodland branch also they are totaly harassed me twice a time.
    His branch manager name is “Mr Manish kumar with branch contact number 01744650160”.

    Prikshit Kumar
    Contact +919034118504


    I have purchased a pair of woodland shoes at a food ware shop on 15-10-2013 at Rs.2890 .am very surprised the woodlands shoes is complaint cone with in 1 month but my shoes was damaged 3times with in 6month.now my shoes is complaint.please take action immediately.

  6. syed mansoor

    woodland is waste and worst i have wasted 3000/- rupees………..

  7. PAVAN





  8. Nandish Chandra

    Dear All,

    I have a VERY SERIOUS COMPLAINT against 2 things.




    1. BEHAVIOUR OF STAFF – I had bought footware from the WOODLAND STORE, 573, J M ROAD, DECCAN GYMKHANA, PUNE.

    You Manager/ Staff ” SUSHIL KUMAR” is a very rude and harsh guy. There was a problem in the footware and I took it to him. He rudely told me that it cant be changed and he told me to go to other branches in wanoworie and get this matter solved than coming to him. Since I have bought the footware from J M Road Branch, I obviously will go there to solve my footware problem. When I asked for his name and number, he said he WONT give me his name on the CUSTOMER CARE SLIP. SOMETHING MAJOR HAS TO BE DONE AGAINST THIS GUY ELSE I WILL REPORT IT TO THE CONSUMER COURT.

    2. PURCHASE OF FOOTWARE – DEFECT – I had bought a footware, DESCRIPTION: GP 0892110Y13 DBROWN 42 FOOTWARE (LEATHER) @ Rs 1,895. TIN NO 27150013009V.
    Since the time I have bought the chappals/ footware from the store it had a painful Sole. Along with the strap, which was very painful which caused a swelling on my toe. I had a SLIPPER BITE…. which i have never heard before. This is a SHOW BITE, but these chappals gave me a slipper bite.
    Few days back the strap came out while walking and since then it is kept. Its been few months since I have bought the sandals and they are of NO USE now.
    I gave it to the store to correct the sandals or replace it


    a. Change of the sandals with new once of SAME PATTERN. (This is a major defect in the sandals)

    b. Reimbursement of the whole amount

    c. I will buy a new one in exchange of those bad chappals

    of DIFFERENT PATTERN. (If there is any extra amount to be paid, i am ready to pay on the higher price of the chappals.)

    WARNING: IF this thing is not sorted out ASAP, I will it to the CONSUMER COURT & also complain POLICE for the fraud and bad service SUSHIL KUMAR is giving.

    Looking for a QUICK RESOLUTION………..


  9. Mahendra Durgavale

    Respected Sir/Madam, Date: November 20, 2013

    I have purchased a brand new pair sandels of woodland from M/s. Woodland store , Thane in the month of October 2013. Purchase details you can confirm by Telephone No.
    I wore this sandal and went out side the home, with in an hour I found the left side sandal buckle coming out. During investigation it was observed that Sandal buckle was found damaged. I requested the Store Manager (Mr.Mishra) if possible give me replacement, he said no it is not possible we will repair it. I said fine no problem. When we (Myself and Bother) went to collect this sandal on November03, 2013 , we observed the repairing was not done properly. We showed it to the Store manager (Mr.Mishra), but he was not ready to listen the complaint. His behavior was also not good, he shouted as if he is the owner of the company. I believe that the owner also will not talk to the customers so rudely. Finally he said since this is the Diwali season, please use and check the performance.
    I tried to use this sandal but again the same problem was observed. So on November 17, 2013 again I went to give this sandal for repairing. I explained him (Mr.Mishra) you walk on road for 15 minutes then you will come to know the problem. Instead of that he wore this sandal and took the trial in the shop, and told me that there is no problem. Again I requested him you will not come to know when you are taking a trial in the shop, instead take a trial in the market. After lot of arguments he took sandal for repair (refer Repair Slip No.:372/THN/13)
    He was unnecessarily arguing with me like a mad man. He doesn’t know How to talk with a Customer. He was talking with us as if I am a Road Romeo. Please note last 10 years I am using wooodland shoes and sandals. This experience was very horrible. I was not expecting such type of reply from Woodland Show room. I am totally disturbed due to such an experience. I am staying at Vikhroli, 20 kms away from Thane Showroom then too as and when I am visiting the shop, going by car and paying Toll Rs.60 (To and Fro)
    I have decided henceforth not to use Woodland products and the same message I will pass to my friends and relatives.
    I need complete investigation within this week otherwise I am going to launch a complaint in Consumer court if required I will publish this episode in the News Paper.

    PS: As mentioned above please investigate in week time. And request to you is please deliver my Sandal at my residence or if you want me to collect from show room then I will collect my sandal in his (Mr.Mishra’s) absence because I don’t want to see his face.

    Thanking you’

    Mahendra Durgavale
    B.No.45/Room No.977,
    Kannamwar Nagar-1,
    Vikhroli (E), Mumbai-400083

    Cell 9967052847/8692939683

    • Amit kulkarni

      I had the same experiance with borivali store opp icici… today morning….they don’t treat the customers well…..only if you are a buyer you are welcomed…

  10. Deepak

    I have purchsed a Woodland shoes before 7 months. but after purchasing I used very few times but now I used to were regulerly but now I m not comfortable with this shoes and I want to replace. so pls suggest the same.

  11. Pawan Kumar

    Woodland Men’s Shirts Price List

    Woodland MFCS 06:RS.2195*
    Woodland MHCS 03:RS.700*
    Woodland MHOS 02:RS.500*
    Woodland MHOS 01 RS.500*
    Woodland MFPS 05:RS.1995*
    Woodland MHOS 04:RS.1795*
    Woodland MHCS 14:RS.1995*
    Woodland MHCS 15:RS.1795*
    Woodland MHCS 12:RS.1995*

  12. Johny

    Woodland Women Shoes Price List

    Woodland LB 0666109: – RS 1695
    Woodland LB 0667109: – RS 1595
    Woodland LB 0668109: – RS 1695
    Woodland LB 0669109: – RS 1595
    Woodland JS 0886110: – RS 2695

  13. Naveen

    I have a pair of woodland boots, I had bought it 2 years ago . I used it only for 3-4 months and I kept aside that boots(because i am out of station).once i came back from Bangalore the shoe sole got broken. So i given shoes for repair in woodland show room .when I visited the showroom to take my shoes back, my shoes got changed and now they are saying that we have this shoes only if want to take it take or we can’t do any thing. can you please help me on same….

  14. sush

    I ve a pair of woodland boots, I had bought it 4 years ago . I want to ask that these pairs are out of stock and their sole r gonna break soon, so plz tell me ‘can u repair them?’.

  15. Narendra

    Woodland Men Shoes Price List

    Woodland 549108 olive Shoes-woodlandolive54: Rs.2,795
    woodland 40777 Camel Shoes-woodland40777Camel4: Rs.2,895
    woodland 40777 Green Shoes-woodland40777Green4: Rs.2,895
    Woodland 52777 olive Shoes-woodlandolive51: Rs.2,895
    woodland 549108 Brown Shoes-woodland549108Brown4: Rs.2,795
    woodland 549108 Camel Shoes-woodland549108Camel4: Rs.2,795
    Woodland 4092 khaki Shoes-woodlandkhaki29: Rs.2,795
    woodland 466107 Camel Shoes-woodland466107Camel4: Rs.2,895
    woodland 433107 Brown Shoes-woodland433107Brown4: Rs.3,195
    Woodland 4092 Camel Shoes-woodlandCamel4: Rs.2,795

  16. Krupasindhu Nayak

    I have purchased a woodland sl.No.FL-GC 0712109 42 shoe on 7.12.2012 from Kolhapuri Mart,Ashok Nagar,Bhubaneswar,Odisha.The stich above the toe of left side shoe is opened within 2 months.I contacted the dealer regarding the problem but he did not pay any attendation to my complain.I think you may advice your dealer to solve the problem

  17. vikram

    chhote dukandar hamesha woodland ke defective piece sell karte hai.

  18. vikram

    if we buy the woodland product other than woodland showroom it will be always defective they also gives us more discount. So never purchase from it from shop because they take defective piece from dealer with heavy discount and sell it less discount. The defectiveness in shoes sometime we cannot recognize because it can be so minor.

  19. Faizal

    Woodland Flat Sale

    40% Off On Apparel
    Up to 50% Off On Footwear

  20. sarandeep singh

    i have purchased woodland shoes 3 months ago from chaura bazar ludhiana. in these 3 months i have already got repaired my shoes 2 times from the dealer. i just want to know that why r u giving warranty if u cannot fulfil it. i bought shoes for rs 2750/- i think i have wasted my money on woodland shoes.

  21. Saurabh Das

    I have purchsed a pair of Woodland shoes Article No. GC 0232106A form M/s. Aero Club, Woodland Store, Garima Glory, H. B. Road, Kamarpatty, Guwahati, Kamrup, Assam.

    I am very much surprised that after use of 3days its sole has crack in various portion of both shoe. A written complaint has given to the store, lets see what service provide by the Aero Club.

    The same complaint was raised by one of our staff against same article three month before. But this complain known to me very lately, otherwise I never purchase this article.

  22. arun

    do not buy any wood land products in India.Because our country and its people are not worth for wood land and every where its duplicate.Woodland will lose its name if it gives dealership in India.Request to woodland company to cancel dealerships and sale on its own.I brought a shoes for Rs.3000(G-040777) last month and wore it twice and its buckles snapped off ,i gave it for repair on 27/12/2012 and i was told i would receive it in one week.After that given time i called them and they asked for 5 more days.Buying a shoe so costly and taking so many days to repair a small defect and stupid behaviour by the aero club(04027740149) show room manager.A company so big should have managers at the desk not a pune.Who will take this.Wood land if you are really worth to your customers return my money back and take your A## broken shoe.

  23. rishabh

    the factory outlet at tilak nagar new delhi is d worst.
    never do they provide all varieties neither quality service….
    same problems as vijay kumar!!


    Myself purchased woodland shoe Article no:RIG 4092Y12 ASSR from Aero Club Wood land store Marathahalli,Bangalore within 2 days stitching is gone and got repaired from them after 15 days and again after 15 days same stitching came out from the shoe.Now once again i gave it for service.So wood lands shoes will go for service only more than wearing the shoe.

  25. sameer das

    i have purchased a pair of woodland sandal on dated 05/7/12 from thane rajkaml shoes show room price of 1995/- but now it not in condition to wear means with in 3 moths woodland sandal is going to spoil.

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