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Zee News Contact Number

March 15, 2013 | Posted in TV Channels
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Zee News is an Indian Hindi Television News Channel. It is part of the Zee News Network. Originally under the ownership of the Zee Entertainment Enterprise, the channel went on-air for the first time in 1999. Initially most of the programs on Zee News were telecast in English. Around 2003-04, influenced by the huge success of a rival News Channel, Zee News commenced broadcasting news in Hindi. Within a few years, the channel broke all previous records of TRPs. The rebranding of the channel led it to carve out a distinct niche for itself in India. Zee News helps Indian citizen by taking up their complaints and helping to get them resolved expeditiously and transparently. This is also an effort on part of the channel to support the authorities to become more responsive to the public through the adoption of Citizen Charter. To register your complaint and grievances, you can call Zee News on Zee News Helpline Number. For your great convenience, we have mentioned below Zee News Helpline Number.

Zee News Helpline Number: 0120- 2511182, 0120- 2515232

Zee News Email Address: zeenewsstats@gmail.com

 Zee News Helpline Number and Contact Number can help Indian citizens in a variety of ways. Zee Helpline is a one-of-its-kind initiative commenced by India’s premier Hindi News Channel i.e. Zee News, which lends its helping hands to allay the grievances of the common man of India. The Zee news  and television channel head office is based in Noida. Besides Zee News Helpline Number, people can contact Zee News directly. We mention below Zee Helpline: Haq Ka Sawal Contact Details.

Zee Helpline: Haq Ka Sawal

Zee News Office Address:

  • Noida Office

Zee News, FC-19,
Sector 16-A, Noida – 201301,

  • Mumbai Office

Zee News
4th floor, “B” Wing,
Madhu industrial Estate,
Pandurang Budhakar Marg,
Mumbai, 400013 India

Purview of Complaints

The grievances you send to Zee News must pertain to following subjects. No complaint will be entertained by the News Channel if it does not fall under following category or does not impact people at large.

  • Consumer Rights
  • Corruption
  • Public interest and Civic amenities
  • Personal grievance representing larger public inconvenience
  • Problems requiring policy or procedural corrections

Recently Zee news has launched its regional news-channels, Zee-Madhya Pradesh , Zee-Chhattisgarh and Zee-Rajasthan . Later on, Bihar and Odisha are also likely to get their regional channels from Zee Media. One of the program The Inside Story on synthetic milk, won an award at the New York Festivals, a first for India.

Comments (64)

  1. Sir,
    Zee Helpline numbers are not picked up. Online Complaint is not accepted due to message 405 not accepted. Kindly advise how to approach zee helpline for registering grievances and seek their help

  2. kulkarni a n

    pl advise/publish the email address . Only two phone numbers are mentioned which also are not picked up despite many attempts.Email address will be of great support to common man to take up his grievences.

  3. NIRAJ

    Sir, mai up sugar mill majdooro k traf se ye sandesh dena chahta hu jo bahut hi mahatwapurn aur lakho logo k parivar aur pet se juda hai jiske upar up sarkar andekha kar rahi hai. mai aapko batana chahta hu ki kai salo se wedge board ke faisale ko tala ja raha hai aur na hi antrim shayta di ja rahi hai. mill maliko ne paise k dam par unions ko kharid liya jiske karan o v maliko k taraf se hi majdooro ka help k wjay soshan kar rahe hai. garib majdooro ko 10-15 yrs se purane wetan man me hi kam karwaya ja raha hai aur unhe majboor kar diya gya hai. Sir mera aap se aagrah hai ki aap is bat ko cetner tak pahuchaye taki sarkar ne jis trah se kisano k liye kuchh faisale liye hai usi trah is par v bichar aur faisala kar sake taki lakho majdooro aur unke parivar ka bhala ho sake,….mujhe ZEE NEWS CHANNEL PAR PURA BHAROSA HAI.

  4. vishal suri

    Open Letter To The Administration, Ujjain, (Madhya Pradesh)

    Everybody knows the position of Ujjain currently. In such a case
    will you go or send your family member there ?
    Ujjain Administration has declared it as a natural disaster
    but the temple authoritiesare urging us to come there.
    I want to ask a question that are the Terms and Conditions for the
    visitors still apply in such disastrous condition ?
    Can the temple authorities play with the lives of visitors for
    the sake of profit or money ? Have they any responsibility or are
    they sitting there just for wealth.
    We know that Madhya Pradesh administration is very responsible
    and we have a big hope from you as we trust the Madhya Pradesh
    authorities. But if we do not get a positive response or it is delayed,
    our trust will start fading away day by day.

    संजीवनी समाचार संवाददाता
    उज्जैन (19 जुलाई): उज्जैन में पिछले 24 घंटों से लगातार हो रही बारिश ने पूरे शहर को डुबो दिया है। सड़कें नदियां बन गई हैं, घरों में पानी भर गया है, सारा सामान डूब गया है। उज्जैन में पिछले 15 घंटों में रिकॉर्ड 11 इंच से ज्यादा बारिश हुई है, जिसके बाद सुबह उज्जैन कलेक्टर ने आपात बैठक बुलाई।
    सभी अधिकारियो को निर्देश दिए गए की लोगों को सुरक्षित स्थानों पर ले जाए। नदी किनारे रह रहे लोगों को भी निकाला गया। इधर शिप्रा नदी के आसपास के सभी मंदिर डूब गए। बारिश के कारन कई ट्रेन उज्जैन स्टेशन पर नहीं पंहुच पायी। वहीं साल भर उज्जैन को पानी पिलाने वाला गंभीर डेम भी भर गया है जिसके बाद उसके दो गेट खोलना पडे़।

    उज्जैन में भारी बारिश, पहली बार बारिश के पानी में …
    एनडीटीवी खबर-8 घंटे पहले
    महाकाल की तस्वीर. उज्जैन: उज्जैन में पिछले दो दिनों से हो रही बारिश अब रुक गई है, लेकिन अब भी कई इलाकों में पानी भरा हुआ है। … उज्जैन केमहाकाल की तरह मंदसौर के पशुपतिनाथ में भी बारिश की वजह से पानी भर गया। मूर्ति पानी में डूब …
    उज्जैन में बारिश का कहर, पहली बार महाकाल के …
    ABP News-8 घंटे पहले
    उज्जैन के महाकाल मंदिर के गर्भगृह में घुसा बारिश …
    Zee News हिन्दी-6 घंटे पहले
    उज्जैन महाकाल के ज्योतिर्लिग तक पहुंचा पानी
    khaskhabar.com हिन्दी-9 घंटे पहले
    उज्‍जैन: महाकाल मंदिर में भस्‍म आरती के दौरान डूबा …
    गहरा-दैनिक भास्कर-6 घंटे पहले
    उज्जैन: बारिश से खुद को नहीं बचा पाए महाकाल
    गहरा-नवभारत टाइम्स-7 घंटे पहले

    – due to flood in ujjain we are not coming already booking with you 22/7/2015 to 24/7/2015 booking with I.p. adress date is 13/6/2015 with recipt no 4434201506139354 please refund my mone in my account thanks
    vishal suri
    shree mahakaleshwar temple management committee ujjain
    dharmshala receipt-mahakaleshwar dharmshala
    name vishal suri
    Dhamshala- mahakaleshwar dharmshla
    rooms alloted -a/c -109
    total amount -1600 rs
    I.p. adress

  5. Imam Sidduque

    Dear Sir,
    We are living in Dharti A-1 Co-Operative Housing society.This Society was formed in the year 2009.
    Since formation of this society the chairman and Secretary have not called for Annual General Meeting,
    Books of accounts has not been produced before the members, The Committee have not issued Shares
    certificate, never produced the balance sheet and never appointed an auditor. The Committee has also
    not filed the returns as per the law,

    The Members of the Society has made a complaint to Shri Santosh Bidwai, The District Dy. Registrar of
    Co- Op Housing Society, 1st floor,Vardavat Mansion, Stn. Road,Opp. Thane District Central Co- Op Bank,
    Thane- 400601. Phone no. 02225378385 for inspection of records and appointing of Govt. Auditor for
    Auditing the books of accounts since 2009 till date and taking action against Chairman/Secretary for
    irregularities going on in our society. The first letter was written on dated 25.09.2014 since then
    various correspondence have been made to Dy. registrars office. Mrs. Tambe madam officer (mobile no.
    09004582186)is handling our case. she has issued notices to the Chairman and secretary to produce the
    records but these people has failed to produce the records. further no action has been taken by the
    registrars office nor Auditor has been appointed. Our society members approached Mrs. Tambe for action
    taken on our complaint as it is Ten months now and no action has been taken we are regularly making
    follow-ups with this officers. They answer in a very arrogant manner and reply that it will take time.
    we believe that the Chairman/Secretary has managed these officers.

    Hence we request you sir to please to look into the matter and help us in getting justice.

    Thanks and regards

    Imam Siddique

  6. Mahadev Mahata

    dear Sir,

    I have 2 nows Policy of HDFC Life.
    Policy No is – 15369187, this one i taken as on 18.08.2012, two installment I paid. after that some problem with me then call comming from different corner & Mrs. Neha agarwal (+91-9718280172) told me you send 50,000/- by chequ then we applied for you surender amount. I already pay 50,000/- but they creat new policy no. 17069372 and all documents send to my permanent address. after that she told to me you send 34,000/- cheque for service tax payment then your policy is surrended and amount paid to your account.

    today talk to mr. sameer malhotra (+91-8882536037) he told to me pls. send 28,000/- by cheque favour of value added services for create a agent ID. I fully confused for my rs.1,50,000/- I don’t no this amount return to me or note.

    my contact no is – +91-9427440031.

    please help to me for return this amount.

    with thanks & regards.

  7. mani sharma

    pls help me..

  8. annapurna

    Zee help line

    Dear Sir / Madam

    I have my saving accounts with Indusind bank Raipur since last three yrs and my self , my wife and my one daughters accounts are there in indusind bank. I have two daughters and both are married myself and my 90 yrs old mother is living with me. I am now 57 yrs old and planning for retirement from next yr .and after retirement I wanted some monthly saving scheme by which I will be able to get some money to meet my monthly requirement . I consulted bank officials regarding any monthly scheme by which I can get 8.5 to 10 % annual income and the interest to be deposited in my accounts so that it will act like pension for myself.
    I got them my ideas clear and asked them to invest 10 lakh in such scheme.

    Two bank officials came to my house on 9th march 2015 and had discussion with me regarding my investment. I told my point of view to them clearly and informed that I am not aware of policies and deposite scheme of your bank therefore suggest any guaranteed scheme in which I can get my interest on monthly basis to run my retired life.

    Bank officials convinced me regarding DSP Black rock MIP ( monthly income plan ) in which 12% interest is guaranteed. So I invested 10 laks with them in the name of my wife Annapurna and issued cheques for 10 Laks and my wife signed some of the papers given by bank officials.
    After this I got bussy in my day to day affair and because my wife is not much educated she is a home maker she could not see where about of my money. After this in the last week of April I visited bank and asked about the receipt / bond or some document in black and white they have given me a statement and said that in mutual fund no bond or conditions are given only statement from bank will be given. I was surprised to see that their behaviors changed and nobody is taking to take any responsibility regarding my issues . you can see the details of my correspondence in which I clearly requested bank officer to resolve my issue . and steel requesting them to refund my money without any pre closer charges and the interest for three months and the rate 6% annual.
    Today my fund value is of Rs/992925 I lost 7000 Rs/ in last three months and if I close to avoid further loss 10,000 more will be deducted so I will have total oss of 17000 thousand where as if they would have deposited my money in the fixed deposit scheme of their bank I would have gained atleaset Rs/24000 . This is a clear case of cheating the innocence customers by way of miss sale of their products.

    Today my whole plan of retirement got shattered and I am worried that if the banks are cheating the customers like me who is educated one and can raise voice to media. Then what about the illiterate and less educated persons.
    This may be general phenomena of the banks and media must take up this issue by which we can save a large number of customers by getting cheated like this.

    I request you to take up my issue with the Indus Ind bank and compensate my losses and give me a thank full exit from such cheater banks..

    With kind regards

    Addala Viswanath Naidu/ annapurna naidu
    Investment is in the name of my wife
    name Annapurna
    account number is 100022347317 ( indus ind bank Raipur CG )
    Folio number of DSP black Rock :- 3093281/50
    Name of customer Annapurna Vishwanath
    Email ID:- avnaidu123@gmail.com
    Contact number 9300053590

    i will send you the correspondence which i had with indus ind nodel officer Mumbai

  9. shivani

    m from zirakpur vishranti city. punjab
    we people are fedup as we have no electricity n water supply in this whole socity from past 3 years. people who are having temporary connection are bound to pay 14/unit.

    no one is helping us from politicians to MC office employers.

    hifh court hav ordered to give us basic facilities but due to political pressure no one us heloing us.

    plz plz plz help us.

  10. archana nanekar

    9 families have got notice to vacant their homes within 5 days by khopoli nagarpalika, saying that the land belongs to nagarpalika and reserve for garden. All of us are staying heer since 30 yrs. The home land has came from purchase agreements. There is adjust big piece of empty land available which can be taken up for garden. We suspect that there is politics to give this our homes to some builder.
    In mumbai all outer maharashtra people are getting their jhopadies athoriesed by goverment & lot of bilding in zones are being leagalise then why we are thown out.
    please help us to fight against this

    archana nanekar
    somjaiwadi, khopoli, khalapur,Raigad,maharashtra
    contact no – 7040442625

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