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Medical Council of India Contact Details

January 21, 2013 | Posted in Medical
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Incorporated in 1934 under the Indian Medical Council Act, 1933, the Medical Council of India is the statutory body brought into being for establishing uniform and high standards of medical education in India. The Council ensures that the standards of higher qualifications in medicine are always maintained. The Medical Council of India is also responsible for recognition of medical qualifications in India and abroad. It grants recognition of medical qualifications, besides giving accreditation to medical colleges, granting registration to medical practitioners, and monitors medical practice in India. Headquartered in Delhi, the Medical Council of India can be contacted with the help of following Medical Council of India contact details. If you want to get in touch with the Council regarding any work, you can find below Medical Council of India Contact Details.

Medical Council of India Contact Number and Address 

Address: Pocket- 14, Sector – 8, Dwarka Phase -1 New Delhi – 110077, India
Contact Number:  +91-11-25367033, 25367035, 25367036, 25367037
Fax: +91-11-25367024, 25367028
Email: mci@bol.net.in

Post-independence the number of medical colleges in India has increased at an unprecedented scale. Soon after it was felt that the provisions that had been laid down in Indian Medical Council Act of 1934 were not adequate to meet with the challenges posed by the rapid development and the progress of medical education in India. To tackle the situation ably, in 1956, the old Act was annulled and a new one was enacted in place of the old one to reconstitute the Medical Council of India. The New Indian Medical Council Act was further modified in 1964, 1993 and 2001 respectively. For further information about the functioning of the Medical Council of India you can find above Medical Council of India contact details. Besides, if you want other information contact details, find below some details that help you Contacting other MCI Functional Sections.

Contacting other MCI Functional Sections

RTI: 011-25367033, 35, 36
Academic: 011-25367322
IMR and Good Standing: 011-25367321(Telefax)
Eligibility Certificate: 011-25367033, 35, 36
Ethics: 011-25367322
Under Graduate: 011-32223122 / Telefax: 25361272
Post Graduate: 011-25367030/ 25367417, 25367322
Medical Misc.: 011-25367027
Legal: 011-25367033, 35, 36
Admin: 011-25367013
Finance: 011-25367324 (Telefax)

Medical Council of India Functions

The Medical Council of India engages itself in a number of challenging tasks.  Some of the main functions of the Medical Council of India are mentioned below:

  • Incorporation and maintenance of uniform standards for Undergraduate Medical Education in India.
  • Regulation of Postgraduate Medical Education in medical colleges accredited by it.
  • Recognition of medical qualifications granted by a number of medical institutions in India.
  • Recognition of Foreign Medical Qualifications in India.
  • Accreditation of medical colleges across India.
  • Registration of doctors with recognized medical qualifications.
  • Keeping a database of all registered doctors.

MCI Online” is an extremely helpful service. It is the portal of the Medical Council of India. It has been developed for online processing of applications for registration of medical qualifications and for professional certificates. Moreover, “MCI Online” also provides online search of the Indian Medical Register. For more information, find above Medical Council of India contact details.

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  1. janani.k

    2014 to 2015 whether weifang medical college is approved or not can i have a proof

  2. Dr Sudarshan Nasani,Professor of medicine KIM'S,Narketpally,AP

    Respected Sir,
    I Dr Sudarshan nasani,Professor and was second examiner of PG GenMed.
    Since I became examiner ia observing and feeling discomfort,helplessness,and injustice done to the medical fraternity.There were / are malpractices done and occurring In my department.In PG’ of 10 students 10 students are passed without any hardworking or effects put in studies except doing malpractices,favouritism and money with HOD.He was influencing external examiners.In the last before exam his son was appearing.Along with external consent 15marks were awarded to one candidate( unfortunately the candidate was his son) though he was not examiner he influenced the external examiner,our other colleague examiner(that time our HOD was even not the examiner). Result of this we are forced to pass every body.even one more candidate I failed a candidate in long case HOD came inside and passed him.
    That was first time exam experience. Second time most recently he asked me to pass every body.this time he was examiner an I was second examiner.And this time also every body passed.As you knw in private college like this there total 10 PG seats and among them 5 seats were management seats paying unimaginable amount.
    I informed previous time principal of my first examiner ship time and also present principal who was really correct person in general But she asked me in written complaint.Instead of giving complaint and experiencing trouble I am writing to you highness of office to look into the matter.Few days back the HOD’son started threatening me to show the evidences. At am the evidence for one student that was HOD’son who got 15/100 changed 75/100 by the examiner in front of me.
    I thought it is my duty to inform you.Because trouble he and his son are creating problems I already resigned.According to the contract I have to work some more time.
    Thanking you sir,
    Yours faithfully,
    Dr Sudarshan nasani
    Professor of Gen.Medicine
    KamineniInstitute of Medical Sciences
    My E-MailID:nasani200012@gmail.com

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