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Airtel Customer Care Number

April 13, 2012 | Posted in Mobile Service Providers
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Airtel is the integrated Telecommunications Service provider across India. Being an Indian Multinational Telecommunications Services Company, Airtel manages the functioning in 20 countries across South Asia, Africa, and the Channel Islands. The company has been proposing various cellular services such as GSM, 3G and 4G LTE mobile services, fixed line broadband and voice services.

Bharti Airtel Limited presents the Airtel Customer Care Number to connect with the customers all over the nation. A team of efficient, qualified, professional and reliable executives is available for the customers’ services. The Airtel Customer Toll Free Number can be accessed by the customer for any query about the products or the services offered. Note the Airtel Complaint Number for any further issues or queries regarding the post-paid or prepaid plans is provided. Airtel Money Transaction Number is also provided for customers who look out for an easy operation.

Airtel Customer Care Toll Free Number: 1800-103-4444

Airtel Contact Numbers

  • Airtel Customer Care Enquiry Number: 121 (50paise / 3 min.)
  • Airtel Customer Care Complaint & Service Number: 198 (toll-free)
  • Airtel BlackBerry Service Number: 7070
  • Airtel Money Transactions Code: *400# have a limit of Rs 5,000 per transaction.
    Unsubscribe the Airtel VAS Services SMS Code: 155223.

Feel Free to dial Airtel Customer Care Executive Number in case you have some queries or complaints. Connect with the Airtel Customer Care Executive, you can dial 121 followed by 9. Airtel Regional Customer Care Numbers such as Airtel Mumbai Customer Care Number and Airtel Bangalore Customer Care Number from Mumbai and Bangalore geographies help customers to get instant solutions to their queries in their own language.

It has earned esteemed reputation and has emerged as the major cellular facility provider in India, with 230.66 million subscribers. Largest operator in South Asia and third largest in the world, Airtel has made its remark as a dependable institution. At the Adam Smith Asia Awards 2015, Airtel was declared the winner of the Top Treasury Team (Asia) Awards.

Regional Airtel Customer Care Number

  • Airtel Postpaid Assam Customer Care Number: 9954012345
  • Airtel Prepaid Assam Customer Care Number: 9954099540
  • Airtel Postpaid Andhra Pradesh Customer Care Number: 9849012345
  • Airtel Prepaid Andhra Pradesh Customer Care Number: 9849098490
  • Airtel Postpaid Bihar Customer Care Number: 9934012345
  • Airtel Prepaid Bihar Customer Care Number: 9934099340
  • Airtel Postpaid Chennai Customer Care Number: 9840012345
  • Airtel Prepaid Chennai Customer Care Number: 9840198401
  • Airtel Postpaid Delhi NCR Customer Care Number: 9810012345
  • Airtel Prepaid Delhi NCR Customer Care Number: 9810198101
  • Airtel Postpaid Gujarat Customer Care Number: 9898012345
  • Airtel Prepaid Gujarat Customer Care Number: 9898098980
  • Airtel Postpaid Haryana Customer Care Number: 9896012345
  • Airtel Prepaid Haryana Customer Care Number: 9896098960
  • Airtel Postpaid Himachal Pradesh Customer Care Number: 9816012345
  • Airtel Prepaid Himachal Pradesh Customer Care Number: 9816098160
  • Airtel Postpaid Jammu Customer Care Number: 9906012345
  • Airtel Prepaid Jammu Customer Care Number: 9906099060
  • Airtel Postpaid Karnataka Customer Care Number: 9845012345
  • Airtel Prepaid Karnataka Customer Care Number: 9845098450
  • Airtel Postpaid Kerala Customer Care Number: 9895012345
  • Airtel Prepaid Kerala Customer Care Number: 9895198951
  • Airtel Postpaid Kolkata Customer Care Number: 9831012345
  • Airtel Prepaid Kolkata Customer Care Number: 9831098310
  • Airtel Postpaid Mumbai Customer Care Number: 9892012345
  • Airtel Prepaid Mumbai Customer Care Number: 9892098920
  • Airtel Postpaid Maharashtra Customer Care Number: 9890012345
  • Airtel Prepaid Maharashtra Customer Care Number: 9890098900
  • Airtel Postpaid Madhya Pradesh Customer Care Number: 9893012345
  • Airtel Prepaid Madhya Pradesh Customer Care Number: 9893098930
  • Airtel Postpaid Orissa Customer Care Number: 9937012345
  • Airtel Prepaid Orissa Customer Care Number: 9937099370
  • Airtel Postpaid Punjab Customer Care Number: 9815012345
  • Airtel Prepaid Punjab Customer Care Number: 9815098150
  • Airtel Postpaid Rajasthan Customer Care Number: 9829012345
  • Airtel Prepaid Rajasthan Customer Care Number: 9950099500
  • Airtel Postpaid Tamil Nadu Customer Care Number: 9894012345
  • Airtel Prepaid Tamil Nadu Customer Care Number: 9894198941
  • Airtel Postpaid Uttar Pradesh East Customer Care Number: 9935012345
  • Airtel Prepaid Uttar Pradesh East Customer Care Number: 9935199351
  • Airtel Postpaid Uttar Pradesh West Customer Care Number: 9897012345
  • Airtel Prepaid Uttar Pradesh West Customer Care Number: 9897098970
  • Airtel Postpaid West Bengal Customer Care Number: 9933012345
  • Airtel Prepaid West Bengal Customer Care Number: 9933099330

Airtel comprises a strong network of Airtel Zonal Offices, Airtel Regional Offices, Airtel Head Offices, etc. The registered Airtel Head Office is situated in the National Capital of India, New Delhi. Below is given the Airtel Head Office Delhi Contact Details.

Airtel Registered Office Contact Details

  • Address: Bharti Crescent, 1, Nelson Mandela Road, Vasant Kunj, Phase 2, New Delhi – 110070
  • Contact Number: +91 11 46666100, +91 11 42666500
  • Fax: +91 11 4166-6137
  • The company has an office called Bharti Airtel Corporate Communications in Gurgaon, Haryana.

Media Contacts of Bharti Airtel Corporate Communications

Address: 6th floor, tower A, Plot # 16, Udyog Vihar – Phase – IV, Gurgaon, Haryana – 122001
Contact Number: 91 – 124 – 4222-222
E-mail: Airtel.communications@Airtel.in

Comments (421)

  1. Jaganmohan Rao Teki

    I had taken 4G Connection from your rep on 19/9 and they have given me the dongle and sim and said that it will be active by Monday 21/9. The had given me a No.9100026438. In spite of my repeated requests for the last 3 days the connection is not active till date. I had paid the full amount on the same day. Though more than 5 days elapsed the connection is not active. I request you to kindly look in to the matter. If they can not provide/activate the connection please refund the amount immediately. I am a senior citizen because of my son’s insistence I had taken your 4G connection.
    I once request you to please activate the connection or repay the amount paid by me immediately.


    i am having 4 post paid airtel connections,
    whenever new connection is bought or port is given,
    worst question is asked by customer care (wheter you own your house or rented house)
    if you ask cast to any body is also not a manners, like these type of question should be avoided, do u think only owned house is safe for your dues?

  3. santhosh kumar s

    Sir, I prepaid recharge Rs. 110.00 msg received successful but not received clear amount please check.

  4. Shadab Azam

    I couldn’t connect to Bihar Airtel customer service as the number mentioned is 9934099340. I have an issue of lost sim card. The problem is I’m in roaming and next couple of months I’ll be out only. Please help how to deactivate my sim to avoid misuse



  6. Ebenezer

    my airtelpre paid no is 9790827986 in chennai.i have recharge my no for300 Rs on 8-7-15.I paid by my debit card.but unfotunately no recharge done,but i have message from airtel within a week the amount 300 will be returned to my account.after that i recharge my no second time within 10 minutes.recharged done .but my first 300Rs is still
    not returned.kindly do the needfull.


    My mobile 9866503459. I am receiving only 10% calls. Wrong signals are going to callers saying ‘not reachable’, etc. I have a Samsung Duos mobile. I showed it to Samsumg Technician. He says it is airtel service. Spoke to Airtel customer care. He has no solution to the problem why calls are not received. Please solve the issue or I will have to go to a Consumer Forum. This is sheerly a deficiency in service.

  8. Sheikh

    Hey guys, boycott airtel as a brand and don’t promote to any of your friends, relatives and colleagues. We have had enough from this shit people. Vodafone gives atleast a better service comparing to this shit (airtel). My request to everyone pull this brand out from this nation and start looking for other brands. Things will improvise only if we as a consumer show these cheats that we can do wonders if taken action against them.

  9. arif kamaal hashmi

    Myairtel broadband, connnection , which no. 0755-4066040 bhopal is totally dead last 45 days.
    complaitn many times. but there no response. very very poor service airtel , I received only one answer from airtel
    executive that there is work going on digging work but actually I check every
    spot in two killometer around there is no digging work is going on . And I
    check my line upto DP. there are no poblem in wiring. In my DP 12 connnection
    also distribute. In 12 connection to 10 connection also working, there are no
    problem. but In my building 2 connection is not working last 45 days. one connection on 2nd floor start tomorrow. I live in 4 th floor. my connection, now is dead. Your officer ask that u
    cut the connection and take another company. ( Agar Bhopal jaise place me yeh halat hai to small city ka kya hoga) Now please solve my problem soon
    as soon as possible. Did I take another connection what is your suggestion.
    Please call me my mobile no.l 9303136040.

  10. arif kamaal hashmi

    Sir ji, My connnection is totally dead last 45 days. I
    complaitn many times. but there no response. only one answer received from your
    executive that there is work going on digging work but actually I check every
    spot in two killometer around there is no digging work is going on . And I
    check my line upto DP. there are no poblem in wiring. In my DP 12 connnection
    also distribute. In 12 connection to 10 connection also working, there are no
    problem. but In my building 2 connection is not working. Your vendor ask the u
    cut the connection and take another company. Now please solve my problem soon
    as soon as possible. Did I take another connection what is your suggestion.
    Please call me my mobile no.l 9303136040.


    I have taken new post paid sim from your person on 22 nd May with mob no:9980249944 verification is carried out but till today my mobile is not activated.
    I am contacting your Bangalore office 9686998858 every day,am getting message i will get call from Delhi and will get activated today.But still that day has not come.I am not convienced with the reply given by this office.What is wrong am not aware of.Please clarify and activate at the earliest.If not return my deposit and ready to return your sim.
    Kindly do the needful.

    Ashok Shendre

  12. Komal

    My airtel number 9860399677 was disconnected without my knowledge on12th May 2015.
    And learnt it was assigned to some one else as one of you numbers mis typed the number., without my knowledge.

    I visited Aundh branch Airtel , when they told this had happened, sat there for hours to find a solution to restore my number finally my number was restored on 14th May 2014 as a new connection cause of your mistake where.

    i had to resubmit all my documents again for the same,but all my previliges are lost because of your mistake.

    please check my old records iam an old customer with 9860399677 since 2007.
    i am a platinum customer with credit limit of 28000
    had an add on number : 9860583688
    my number was on do not call list
    i had STD, ISD roaming facility and ISD calling facililty.
    i rcvd paper bill

    All my previligies are lost restore them as the mistake is from your end and i am the suferrer.

    i have been following up everyday for them to be restored to airtel vendor everyday but have slution on this so far and your first level customer care on 121 are very rude.

    i need this sorted out ASAP.

  13. Lakshmi Rai

    Dear sir i purchased your post paid connection a week before till now it is not activated if i call to your executives they’re not even bothering. I just wanted to solve this immediately or else just tell i shift to some other network. And repay the cash.. You people definitely don’t have a simple explanation saying that you are correct. I used the same number for every my work and till now it is not activated.if i call they laugh at your customer such a people you recruited m sorry to say this i felt very sad about your network

  14. Ranganathan

    Recently i hv switched over to airtel postpaid service from bsnl, since there was signal problem neaar my residence. At that time One Guna promised me and your executives Santhosh and Balu contacted me and promised to adjust the balance on the date of switch over. I paid three hundred for three postpaid CUG connection., Verifications completed immediately and my only number has been switchedover to airtel. Since then i tried to contact Guna Santhosh and Balu. Those Gentlemen are not picking the mobile and answering me. My problem is when the remaining two numbers will be added to my number and when the balance amt will be adjusted? Why Santhosh promised? Why they are not picking the phones? Is tthis the basic courtesy to a customer in an estimeed organisation. I wonder abt these staff. They do not hold basic courtesy. very sorry. While contacting 121 they said they do not know the position. What can i do? Further i fear entering airtel itself give a bad opinion how can they treat customers like me? When I tried calling the office number from which they initially called ie., 49061800, it abrupltly ends so that i could not contact.
    Thanks for hearing a long story.

  15. Subhash Chander Gandhi

    I am Gandhi. My mob no is 918295682781. I reside in #174 Sector 7 Urban Estate Karnal-132001(Hry).There is no network in some areas of my house.Though I complaint about the problem in Karnal office,yet no solution to this problem.
    Pl solve this issue at the earliest.
    Subhash Gandhi

  16. ashok modi

    sir from last 4 days no one is solving my problam. my cell no is 7756019553 i dont no why your office not taking care of customers

  17. Dr J mohindra

    Dear sir, we are living in old Rajinder Nagar area.New Delhi and from last 4/5 days the connectivity is very very poor in the five connections and sometimes it says no connectivity.
    I tried calling all help lines but of no avail .kindly help.

  18. vishwajeet

    Dear sir.
    I am post paid customer of airtel,my No 8527006798 today I am trying to contact with your customer care executive regarding some clarification of our services but your services are very bad, I am trying 121, 198, and 9810012345 but I have not contact in any customer executive. So please if you read this msg please contact me this no i me gently.

  19. Sir,

    I am living in Chennai. One lady who is working in Mount Road Airtel Office is doing cheating case from the Airtel office. She has connected one link from Airtel Office with my Mobile number and attached with her mobile number. I cannot talk freely with my friends and my Parents. She is listening all the words, numbers etc., and teasing me everyday. That lady has recorded all the calls which I have talked freely with my friends.
    She is teasing me everyday I will come to your house and show to your husband and family. Kindly take action immediately on that lady. Please confirm me the number of Airtel relationship Officer number and give me reply. Further I will give my contact number and that lady mobile number.
    Kindly help me sir and take action immediately. If I didn’t receive any reply I will file a case in the name of Airtel Company. Please do the needful for me and waiting for your reply

  20. juhi

    I have recharged my number with 3G internet pack just a week back and now my pack is over it says no internet balance. How is this possible when I havnt used my internet enough to finish my balance. This has happened earlier also. Whenever I called on helpline numbers I cudnt connect to the customer care.
    I am a loyal airtel customer using it past 4years now I wont be able to trust airtel and take a shift if my complaint is not taken immediately.

  21. Shanthan

    My name is shanthan
    My mobile num 8939326803
    I applied for broadband connection on 4 feb 2015 I was told I will get the connection in 3-5 working days
    But still I didn’t get the connection

    Each time I call your sales guy he says the installation team will call me in next 2 hours but no one called me
    I called him atleast 20 times but he gives same answer, now he is very rude and not picking my phone
    His name is surya
    His number:9840022123
    I already filed a complaint on connection issue
    Complaint num: 53480676
    But no action is taken

    Now I want to escalate this issue to a senior manager.
    Please escalate this issue to your senior manager and give me some solution .
    And I want you to take a severe action on surya.
    If you don’t solve this issue ASAP
    I will start posting in Facebook .


    Sent from my iPhone

  22. jatin

    Pathetic Service

    pathetic service i port my Vodafone 9873089554
    To airtel but i realize that my mistake no
    one responding properly & i asked something they provide wrong infromation last
    1 Month i received a confirmation of port also received a sim but still havn’t
    activated verification also done 4times

    distributor shiv 9560300322

    My Sim no..8991101402353279753 H-2

    Contact me 8588892236

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